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Diary Of An FM

Where to start.....
While building GarrettLoader I was really impressed with some of the Thief 3 FMs I was testing, and so figured that if they could do an FM so could I.
But....where to begin, what to do, and how to do it.....
Having no previous experience with level building and indeed what the T3 editor was capable of I figured that I would take some time to learn about it, all the little tricks and then start building my own FM. However not being one to hang around I started on my FM anyway, although not in the editor.

Near to where I live they are currently ripping down a lot of the old crumbling buildings near the docks as part of the redevelopment there. I felt it was a shame as some of them were well over a hundred years old and are just the type of thing that would make a Thief mission. So armed with my camera and a rough idea of what I was going to do I set off for the docks and started taking photos of everything and anything.
Now the fun began, what type of mission was I going to do? How big was it going to be? And just how long was I going to keep asking myself questions?

Having spent a bit of time thinking about the storyline of my FM, I decided that it would require at least 2 missions to be told, as well as giving me an oppotunity to try out various different ideas I had.

Part 1) The Long And Winding Road - During the search for the fabled map of Dafyd's island (said to house the Red Dragons treasure hoard) in Lord Rayners Mansion, Garrett learns that it is in the hands of the daring adventurer Simon Diamond and is now aboard a ship heading out to find Dafyd's island. Garrett must reach the ship before it leaves dock, but its a long and winding road....

Part 2) Deadly Docks - Having reached the docks, Garrett must find the ship with Dafyd's map on and find some way of stowing aboard....But all is not as it seems, where is everyone?

Part 3) Dafyd's island - The ship has set sail and after many days Garrett has arrived at Dafyd's Island, armed with the Dafyd's map, Garrett sets out to find the Red Dragons treasure hoard, however the island seems bigger than it should do, and what's that distant noise?